What types of things should YOU be looking for in an M&A firm or Business Brokerage?

How much will you sell my business for?

We know how to get you top dollar for your business.    Getting you a great multiple is what we do. We can give you a specific number once we have a phone call and understand your business and financial situation.

How do you sell my business?

We have multiple business buyers who we will contact    personally as well as a large buyer network that we will market to on your behalf. In some cases we may sell your business without having to put it on the market. The bottom line is we will find and qualify the right buyers so your business gets sold.

How big does my business need to be in order for you to sell it?

We work with businesses with revenues of $2,000,000+. The key is that your business must be profitable, and you must have been in business for at least ten years or longer. You also must be the majority owner of the business and have the consent of all minority partners to list the business for sale.

When do I pay the Business Broker or Intermediary Fee once I've decided upon one?

Broker’s fees are typically based on the size of the business, and services and time investment that will be required to sell the business. For the size range of the businesses we serve ($2M+ annual revenues), our upfront fees are $10,000 to handle your listing, and typically are backed out of the final transaction fees of the brokerage upon closing.


Our upfront fees are now $10K*, paid in 3 traunches:


  • 1/3 up front
  • 1/3 on development of the book and approval
  • and 1/3 based upon the first time you sign the LOI (any subsequent LOI’s incur no additional fees)

Why? Due diligence today is costly and it’s much harder to get it completed the right way. Buyers demand it. There are real hard costs associated besides just time of our staff. Plus, it’s going to be even harder to complete due to the Covid-19 challenges. We are keeping these fees constant (no increases) as a result for 2020.

*These typically include the business valuation, assist the owner in getting prepared to sell the business, developing a marketing strategy and associated materials (book, video, fact sheet, etc.) that will be used to market the business. From there, meeting dozens of, and negotiating with final potential buyers, and working with a buyer through due diligence, the contract process and close of the sale.


What types of businesses do your work with?

We work with all for profit businesses in many industries. We have over 20 years of working one on one with business owners most every industry. Our experience will help you regardless of what type of business you have or the size of your business. Whether your business is technology, manufacturing, professional services, e-commerce…large, medium, or small, we know we can help sell your company.



Will this be confidential?

Yes. We will sign a confidentiality agreement and only disclose your business information to verified potential buyers. We will not discuss your business with employees, vendors, or contractors unless requested by a potential buyer and approved by you.



What makes you different from other business brokers?

Many business brokers have not owned businesses themselves. But we have, and as a result we unnderstand and have the ability to communicate more effectively with prospective buyers about the benefits of your business to get it sold.



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