Meet Scott Hall

Your Business Exit Plan Could Use Some Enthusiasm, With a Dash of Business Growth


It is a fact that 100% of all Business Owners will sell or exit his/her business at some time.

Most often when asked, business owners over the age of 50 would “really like to sell in 5 to 7 years”. However, most Business Owners don’t have exit plans prepared for their business, retirement, or estate.

This site is for Business Owners to educate and PREPARE themselves for the eventuality (hint: it’s 100% going to happen).

Exitcution is also for professionals (exit, financial, succession, & estate planners; CPAs, attorneys, business appraisers, insurance agents, trust officers, and ESOP professionals) who are experts in the field and who can share information with Business Owners.

Business Owner concerns are:

  • to maximize the business’s selling price and after income & estate tax value before selling it or minimize taxes when transferring the business to family members
  • getting enough value from a sale to meet your financial security for retirement
  • and addressing what would happen to your business and family’s financial security if you were to become disabled or prematurely die

Business Growth and High Achievement in both Digital and Analog Markets Have Marked My Career

For the past 22 years, I have personally built and succeeded in transitioning firms in software, manufacturing, medical/pharma, publishing and the internet – including digital marketing agencies.

I focus on what has been the positive basis of my career for nearly 30 years ==> SALES and REVENUE!

These two things can make up for quite a lot of other things that can damage a business.

I know what it’s like to build a business from scratch; to hire (and let go), train, motivate, manage, sell, and handle every aspect of an operation. I’ve also recuited and trained over 1300 sales reps that grew a medical company from $0 to over $70 million of organic growth in less than 18 months. I continue to assist business owners in realizing greater profits, through marketing and sales strategies which drive results.

Having worked with business owners in many sectors in the US and Europe, and from SMB’s to Fortune 500 companies, I can share and offer an understanding of virtually every aspect of a business quickly and thoroughly from hands-on actual experience.

Whether you are trying to sell your business, purchase a company, fund an expansion, or just learn a bit more on how to make your company more successful, we trust that Exitcution offers something valuable while you’re on the site.

Thanks in advance for sharing your success, and possibly your next chapter?

R. Scott Hall

“Get your head in the game before it’s too late! ” -R. Scott Hall, Editor And CEO