Planning Your Exit Strategy

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This video series teaches you how to properly plan an exit strategy for your business.

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10 Lessons

Planning Your Exit Strategy

Learn the steps needed to sell your business.

Video 1 - How to Know When to Sell

How do you know WHEN you should sell your business? Learn the best time to sell.

Video 2 - The Marketability of Your Business

Is your business marketable? Be sure that you are always on the lookout for buyers.

Video 3 - What Is This Thing Worth?

It's important that you know what your business is worth so that you are in complete control of the selling process.

Video 4 - How To Find A Buyer

Discover the best methods for finding a buyer for your business.

Video 5 - Zeroing In On The Right Match

Find a buyer who matches your business.

Video 6 - Creating An Exit Strategy

Learn how to get started on planning an exit strategy that works for you and your business.

Video 7 - Due Diligence - Show Stoppers and Deal Killers

NOW is the time to do some pre-due diligence if you are thinking about selling your business. Learn how to prepare your business for sale that will save you in spades down the line.

Video 8 - Walking the Financial Plank

The proper preparation of your financials is paramount in this journey. We will go over the things you will need in order to give the prospective buyer an accurate representation of your business.

Video 9 - 2020 Outlook due to Covid-19

Do you know if your business is ready to sell? We'll go over how you can start to see your business from the buyer's perspective and the outlook for small to medium enterprises as we move through 2020.

Bonus Video - Questions To Ask When Hiring Professional Help To Sell Your Business

Before you hire an Intermediary, Brokerage, or Advisor to assist in the sale of your business, run them through these qualifying questions in order to protect yourself.